What Are Your Benefits?

We vet our guests through the viewing process, as well as via Airbnb and other portals. Our team also ensures your unit is constantly kept to our standards via the security deposit and damage policies in our Guest contract. Also should you decide to sell your unit or expand your portfolio - our sister company ALH Properties can take care of your property sale/lease.

Earn More

On Average Holiday homes units outperform standard long term rental units by 21% or more on Revenue. Our team will handle the process from start to finish. We can take your unit from unfurnished, to online ready and listed with professional photos and competitively market priced in less than 20 days!

Convenient Owner Stays

Let us know when you want or need to use your home for your friends, family or simply yourself. With the Holiday Homes model the flexibility is yours.

Professional Management

Our team are dedicated to the consistent care and attention to detail of your unit – from cleaning to maintenance and upkeep and everything in between. Trust us to treat your home as our own.

Hassle Free – Guest experience

We pride ourselves on the guest experience and ensure the guests are met a check-in and are given a fond farewell at check-out. Ensuring their experience is as smooth and comfortable as possible from beginning to end – ensuring they feel at home, away from home.

Initial Property Setup & Onboarding

After the initial property visit, we run a projection on the potential rental income. As well as the cost to bring your unit to a property which is completely DTCM ready.

Interior Design Services

Converting your unit into a Holiday Home unit does not simply impact the immediate revenue, it also generates historical performance tracking for the future buyers – should you choose to sell one day. Our team will ensure your unit stands out and is ready at a profitable, user friendly, and functional level to rent out and retain value.

Professional Photography

Professional photos are proven to be the standout feature on generating leads. We strongly believe photos serve as the initial attracting factor to potential guests. We also facilitate your listings 360 viewing walk through.


Leave it in the hands of our team of professionals to ensure your unit is fully optimized. We ensure your unit stands out using our pricing and marketing tools. Our aim is to maximize your units potential revenue generation.

List and Rent

Sit back and relax, while we execute our end of the partnership and maximize your units occupancy and generated Revenue.

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